Concurrent Sessions

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SESSION A • Friday 13:30

Room 210AB

Drought effects on water resources and crop production in semiarid regions

Moderator: Chad Kruger, Director CSANR and NWREC, Washington State University
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Adaptation to drought under climate change: A global perspective PowerPoint

Stefan Siebert, Senior Scientist, University of Bonn

Direct and indirect effects of climate change on cereal productivity in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. PowerPoint

Jen Adam, Director, BioEarth, Washington State University

Understanding the importance of managing climate risk in the restoration and conservation of natural capital in the dryland cereal systems PowerPoint

Anthony Whitbread, Research Program Director, ICRISAT, India

Room 212AB

Cropping system improvements and innovation PowerPoint

Moderator: Bill Pan, Professor and Extension Specialist, Washington State University
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Nutrient stewardship innovations for increased cereal system resilience PowerPoint

Paul Fixen, Senior VP, International Plant Nutrition Institute and 2016 ASA President

Innovations in Australian mixed cropping systems under climate change PowerPoint

John Kirkegaard, Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia

Increasing productivity in rain fed, semiarid systems by analyzing and remediating limiting factors PowerPoint

Bram Govaerts, Associate Director, CIMMYT, Mexico

Room 205

Crop protection: pests, weeds and pathogens

Moderator: Sanford Eigenbrode, Distinguished Professor, University of Idaho
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From impact assessment to climate change adaptation: What do we need to know for invertebrate management in grains PowerPoint

Sarina Macfadyen, Ecologist, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia

Managing disease in cereal systems PowerPoint

Karen Garrett, Preeminent Professor, University of Florida

Using weed germplasm as a means to adapt cereal crops to climate change andrising CO2 PowerPoint

Lewis Ziska, Research Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS

The ‘Push-Pull’ farming system: Climate-smart sustainable agriculture for cereal-livestock production in Africa PowerPoint

Zeyaur Khan, Principal Scientist, ICIPE, Kenya


SESSION B • Friday 15:30

Room 205

Genetic improvement and integration

Moderator: Sanford Eigenbrode, Distinguished Professor, University of Idaho
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Private sector breeding to prepare for changing climates PowerPoint

Edward Souza, Director, Global Wheat Breeding, Bayer Crop Science

Breeding for tolerance to heat and other climatic stresses for lower latitudes worldwide PowerPoint

Kulvinder Gill, Professor, Washington State University

Public sector breeding to prepare for changing climates PowerPoint

Jim Anderson, Professor Wheat Breeding and Genetics, University of Minnesota

Room 212AB

Identifying and assessing adaptation strategies

Moderator: Kate Painter, Assistant Professor, University of Idaho
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What we know about public and private adaptation strategies PowerPoint

Bruce McCarl, Regents Professor, Texas A&M University

Improving models and data for developing pathways for cropping system adaption to climate change PowerPoint

Jim Jones, Distinguished Professor, University of Florida

Assessing how economic adaptations affect vulnerability to climate change PowerPoint

John Antle, Professor, Oregon State University

Room 210AB

Greenhouse gases: Monitoring and approaches to mitigation

Moderator: Phil Robertson, Professor, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University
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Greenhouse gas mitigation potential of dryland cropping systems in the U.S. Great Plains PowerPoint

Mark Liebig, Research Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS

Constraining soil-emitted GHGs from crop production on the Canadian semiarid prairies PowerPoint

Reynald Lemke, Research Scientist, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada

Is eddy covariance a suitable tool to establish greenhouse gas balance of cereals? PowerPoint

Marc Aubinet, Professor, University of Liege, Belgium

Nitrous oxide fluxes from cropping soils in a semiarid region in Australia: A 10-yr prospective PowerPoint

Louise Barton, Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia

Optimizing yield and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for resilient cropping systems in rain fed semiarid environments PowerPoint

Peter Grace, Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


SESSION C • Saturday 10:00

Room 206AB

Cropping system models as platforms for integration

Moderator: Jerry Hatfield, Laboratory Director and Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS

Utilizing crop models as integration platforms PowerPoint

Peter Craufurd, Strategic Research Team Leader and Senior Scientist, CIMMYT, France


Steve Peterson, Director of Sourcing Sustainability, General Mills
Helen Greatrex, Post Doc, Intl. Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia U. PowerPoint
Vara Prasad, Professor, Kansas State University
Senthold Asseng, Professor, University of Florida

Room 207AB

Collaborative translational science to address climate change in semiarid systems

Moderator: Corinne Valdivia, Associate Professor, University of Missouri

Agro-ecological classification of farmer risk perceptions and climate adaptation PowerPoint

J.D. Wulfhorst, Professor, University of Idaho

Linking local and scientific knowledge: Challenges and opportunities PowerPoint

Jere Gilles, Director of Graduate Studies in Rural Sociology, University of Missouri

Perceptions and management of soil quality: A transitional approach PowerPoint

Peter Motavalli, Professor, University of Missouri

A framework for optimizing participatory research PowerPoint

Karen Garrett, Preeminent Professor, University of Florida

Room 213AB

Data management to enable regional and global efforts

Moderator: Cheryl Porter, Co-lead AgMIP IT Team, University of Florida

Wheat data management and sharing guidelines PowerPoint

Esther Dzale Yeuomo Kabore, Data and Knowledge Manager, French National Institute for Agriculture Research

Overview of CGIAR’s open access, open data efforts PowerPoint

Medha Devare, Data and Knowledge Manager, CGIAR, France

Agricultural information supply chains – drivers and directions PowerPoint

Peter Fitch, Interoperable Systems Team Program Leader, CSIRO, Australia

Evolving an architecture for agricultural research data management in the US Pacific Northwest

Paul Gessler, Director, Northwest Knowledge Network, University of Idaho